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Tuesday, May 17, 2011

The Price Has Been Paid

With love in their hearts, they fiercely fought.
Yours, mine, his, hers, our freedom they bought
Our freedom, our power, our liberty, paid.
When their lives, in danger, on the line they laid.
“For God, their country, for bible,” they said,
For freedom of belief, now they are dead.
They lived, they died, they spent, they gave,
For freedom, for America, for her people to save.
Their family, their friends, together they wept,
While in their graves they silently slept.
“Make way for liberty!!” they proudly cried,
Made way for liberty, and many had died..
How selfish we sometimes all can get
When asked to sacrifice we only fret.
“How much will it take?” we think “what can be ours?”
When around us, our veterans, on face with pride bear the scars!!
They fought, some died, putting heart and soul in during wartimes,
Against the dictators, the evil and all the vile crimes.
“what to think! ! !”, you ask yourself. All I can say is.
Think of the soldiers, what they’ve given, what they’ve spent to pay,
For the liberty, the freedom, all the things you own,
All the while America’s wild oats are sadly being sown.
Please America, please citizen, please wake up and see,
They’ve fought and they’ve died, but they faithfully love Thee!!!

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