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Tuesday, May 17, 2011


* A dream i dreamed, it felt so real, am i still asleep??
 -Do i? Did i? Should i feel? Do you? Did you? Is our love cheap?

* I heard your call and turned around, but didn't see you there.
 -I looked and searched, up and down, And sought to know you care.

* A quick breath i take, your hand i feel moving down my spine.
 -Is this all fake? Your heart, is it only ALL of mine?

* Whats this pain in my heart? A hungry tiger, untame.
 -Its the feeling of us being apart_that sets my love aflame.

* What's that,white, blindingly bright tunnel that i see?
 -Is that you, my love, at the end; waitong just for me?

* I think it's you................... I know it's you! I race to get to the end.
 -To feel your lips, to be in your arms, i know our love you'll defend.

* But as i get closer you look unsure; like you, yourself had started to doubt.
 -You say"Under preassure, our love will break, I dont want to try it out."

* I look at you in Horror "But dont you understand?
 -If we give in to their Big talk; you, me, our love will disband."

* You fell into their worries, listened to their lie.
 -You said it MIGHT not happen,that you didnt want to try.

* I screamed. I pleaded. I begged. I cried.
 -You looked at me with sorrow, and all you did was sighed.

* "Thats it"? I whispered in a low murderous tone.
 -You replied "My heart was only ever yours to own."

* With those last words you walked away, without one single glance back.
 -I crashed to the ground, broken pieces of hope; i tried to feel your love, but only felt the lack.

*  Where to go??????  Who to see????? What to do??? ???? I feel soo very broke!!!!
 -I looked around for some type of assurance, but alas,            I AWOKE!

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