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Tuesday, November 15, 2011

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                                                                                Secrets and  Demons
I used to feel a
prisoner in my own heart.
battered and abused to discern.             
                                I didn’t know what to
do, what to say, where to go, how to live.
                I had been burned, crushed,
broken, smashed, torn, bruised, used and thrown out.
 Most of the time I didn’t
even love myself.
                Acceptance is a rare thing in
our world.
Being gentle, sweet,
kind, loving, nice, charming, and understanding is nowhere to be found.

                My very soul has receded onto a shell
of uncertainty.

Hoping, Dreaming,
Wishing for a safe haven of comfort and joy.

                Not trusting, only manipulating. How long will my masks last?       How long will this one last?   Is there more unseen pain?
              More pain? More pressure? More patheticness?
 Where is reality? Where
is the truth?
                Where are the sunsets on the
beach? The tapping of the rain? The field of flowers? The velvety sand?

Where is the one that
will never leave me to fray?
                I’m at the end of my of my road.
The only thing I meet
is emptiness.
                The secrets that I was told has
been a minefield on my heart.
Torn on how to handle
it, I stepped in the danger zone.
                Can I disarm it? Find equivalent
weight? Will someone take my place?
Sacrifice it all? Can
one love without loving and still feel nothing? Or will my demons send me to
the depths of hell?
                Where is my Prince? Or has my
soiled history saturated my title and name?
My would-have-been Savior.
What’s his name? Did it start with R? With B? Or T? Guess now I’ll never know.
                My thoughts fly fast, yet
timelessly fall.
With a picture for a
memory. And a star to guide my way.
                I can feel their wings to save
But the legal binds cannot
be broken.
                My head is filled with dead
My heart with emptiness.
                My eyes with the pale green
dullness of insanity.
still I am stuck with my secrets and demons.

How can you dare?
To her, other flowers, compare.
Her beautiful colors, How they entwine,
In the sunlight, she will shine.
She expresses a passion, that you will feel.
She has a heart, that pumps soo real.
Her thorns, from pain, keep out the worst.
So filled with joy, she just might burst!!
Her motherly instincts came out as well,
To birds and squirrels, she gives a home to dwell.
Her buds, the prosper, As children grow,
As young ladies, with red skirts to show.
With tips pursed with delicate care,
With grace, she dies, no burden to bear!! 

* A dream i dreamed, it felt so real, am i still asleep??
 -Do i? Did i? Should i feel? Do you? Did you? Is our love cheap?
 * I heard your call and turned around, but didn't see you there.
 -I looked and searched, up and down, And sought to know you care.
 * A quick breath i take, your hand i feel moving down my spine.
 -Is this all fake? Your heart, is it only ALL of mine?
* Whats this pain in my heart? A hungry tiger, untame.
 -Its the feeling of us being apart_that sets my love aflame.
 * What's that,white, blindingly bright tunnel that i see?
 -Is that you, my love, at the end; waitong just for me?
 * I think it's you................... I know it's you! I race to get to the end.
 -To feel your lips, to be in your arms, i know our love you'll defend.
 * But as i get closer you look unsure; like you, yourself had started to doubt.
 -You say"Under preassure, our love will break, I dont want to try it out."
 * I look at you in Horror "But dont you understand?
 -If we give in to their Big talk; you, me, our love will disband."
 * You fell into their worries, listened to their lie.
 -You said it MIGHT not happen,that you didnt want to try.
 * I screamed. I pleaded. I begged. I cried.
 -You looked at me with sorrow, and all you did was sighed.
 * "Thats it"? I whispered in a low murderous tone.
 -You replied "My heart was only ever yours to own."
 * With those last words you walked away, without one single glance back.
 -I crashed to the ground, broken pieces of hope; i tried to feel your love, but only felt the lack.
 *  Where to go??????  Who to see????? What to do??? ???? I feel soo very broke!!!!
 -I looked around for some type of assurance, but alas,            I AWOKE!

The Price Has Been Paid
With love in their hearts, they fiercely fought.
Yours, mine, his, hers, our freedom they bought
Our freedom, our power, our liberty, paid.
When their lives, in danger, on the line they laid.
“For God, their country, for bible,” they said,
For freedom of belief, now they are dead.
They lived, they died, they spent, they gave,
For freedom, for America, for her people to save.
Their family, their friends, together they wept,
While in their graves they silently slept.
“Make way for liberty!!” they proudly cried,
Made way for liberty, and many had died..
How selfish we sometimes all can get
When asked to sacrifice we only fret.
“How much will it take?” we think “what can be ours?”
When around us, our veterans, on face with pride bear the scars!!
They fought, some died, putting heart and soul in during wartimes,
Against the dictators, the evil and all the vile crimes.
“what to think! ! !”, you ask yourself. All I can say is.
Think of the soldiers, what they’ve given, what they’ve spent to pay,
For the liberty, the freedom, all the things you own,
All the while America’s wild oats are sadly being sown.
Please America, please citizen, please wake up and see,
They’ve fought and they’ve died, but they faithfully love Thee!!!

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